Tonindustrie Scheibbs (1923-1933) and Scheibbser Keramik (since 1937)

The gardener Ludwig Weinbrenner, who had moved to Scheibbs from Vienna, founded Tonindustrie Scheibbs in 1923 after discovering clay on his property. He started to produce colourful, extremely expressive art ceramic with outstanding artists:

Head by Rudolf Knoerlein

Scheibbs 1924/25. Knoerlein was the first Artistic Director in Scheibbs; he was also a former member of the Wiener Werkstätte (WW) and director of the Gmundner Keramik. Later he had his own workshop in Germany.

Heads by Gudrun Baudisch

Scheibbs 1924. Baudisch was a member of the WW and founded the Hallstatt Keramik in 1947.

Tonindustrie Scheibbs

in conjunction with the WW, around 1925/26.

Expressive glazes by Helene Dörr

An academic painter, Dörr completed an apprenticeship as a potter/ceramist with Vally Wieselthier.

Planter by Hilde Heger.

Heger was a student of Michael Powolny and practiced with Vally Wieselthier. Later she was a famous sculptress in Salzburg.

Animal figures from Walter Bosse

Potter/ceramist and designer Walter Bosse also left traces in Scheibbs, many of the grotesque animal figures were made by him.


Bankruptcy forced Tonindustrie Scheibbs to close in 1933. The pottery works reopened in 1937 as Scheibbser Keramik, producing solidly artistic ceramic/pottery in the style of the time. The artistic creativity of the first ten years, however, could not be recaptured.

Special Exhibition: Mostviertler Bauernkeramik

4 centuries: baking, cooking, eating, drinking


Special Exhibition 2: Rastlbinder

Erlafstr. 32

A-3270 Scheibbs